the school day

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Arrangements

Pupils can arrive at school from 7:15am, which is when our gates open and our staff are able to receive pupils. School registration starts at 7:30am for Senior School pupils and 7:45am for Early Years and Primary pupils. All pupils must be in the School by this time.

It is expected that all parents or guardians will escort Nursery pupils directly to their classroom. Please ensure that your child’s school bag and packed lunch is placed in your child’s individual cupboard which is located outside their classroom. Pupils should then be escorted into their classroom where a member of staff will register your child. 


Upon entering the School, Reception pupils should place their belongings in their individual cupboard and proceed to the Early Years playground where a member of staff will register your child. We recommend that parents or guardians escort Reception pupils to the Early Years playground.

Primary Pupils in Year 1 should place their belongings in their individual cupboard and proceed to the Primary/Senior playground. Primary pupils in Years 2 to 6 should proceed directly to the Primary/Senior playground with their bags.

At 7:45am pupils in Reception and Primary will assemble in lines and be escorted inside by staff.

Senior School pupils are not permitted in the Primary/Senior playground before registration. They must be lined up outside their tutor group classroom at 7:30am for registration. Items that are not required by Senior School pupils for lessons should be stored in individual lockers.

We encourage all parents to join their children in the playground from 7:15am or spend time with other parents in the main atrium. This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet and chat with other parents.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to arrive promptly at the end of the school day and wait for their children in our atrium alongside others. It is very important that your child is collected on time. Pupils in Nursery can be collected at either 1pm, 1:30pm or 1:45pm from their classroom, but not at times in-between. The collection time for pupils in Reception and Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2) is 1:30pm. Pupils in Key Stage 2 (Year 3 – 6) and the Senior School (Year 7 – 9) should be collected at 1:45pm.

Parents and guardians of Early Years and Primary pupils should go to their classroom to collect their children at 1:30pm or 1:45pm, depending on the age of the children. No child in our Early Years or Primary will be allowed to make their own way to the school gates or car park. Senior School pupils are permitted to leave the School without a parent or guardian.

Only a parent, guardian or Senior School pupil who is known to the School should collect Early Years and Primary pupils. Primary School pupils are not permitted to collect younger siblings on their own and must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or Senior School pupil.

Please note that if a pupil is required to be collected from school early, for any reason, the School must be informed in advance. If the School is not informed in advance an unauthorised absence will be marked in the register.

If your child is attending an extra-curricular activity, you should collect your child from the main atrium at 2:45 pm (Early Years and Key Stage 1) or 3 pm (Key Stage 2 and Senior School).