About us

School Mission

“Our philosophy is simple – ensuring our children are happy ensures excellent learning takes place; that is what we do throughout all of our RGS family of schools”.

Our mission is to ensure the RGS Qatar is a happy school where excellent learning takes place which enables our pupils to excel and develop into caring and confident individuals who are well prepared for the challenges ahead. School life is underpinned by a commitment to fulfilling the potential of each and every individual, irrespective of his or her passion.

To realise this Mission, we aim to:

Ensure everyone involved with the School embraces the challenge of learning;
Achieve academic excellence through the provision of a challenging British curriculum, outstanding teaching and by helping pupils develop a set of learning habits which will prepare them for life beyond school and all of its challenges;
Have high expectations of all who are involved with the education of our pupils;
Ensure everyone in the School is confident in expressing their opinions and respectful of others in turn;
Provide a supportive pastoral environment which meets individual needs, and promotes the development of happy, considerate pupils;
Offer a rounded education, rich in extra-curricular activities and international opportunities, which facilitates the acquisition of skills that prepare our pupils for a lifetime of learning and encourages both participation and individual excellence;
Ensure pupils are happy at school, because happy pupils are better learners;
Promote continuous institutional improvement through high quality professional development;
Transfer the historic traditions of The Royal Grammar School, Guildford to Qatar in order to inform and inspire the School.

Academic Excellence

‘We are justly proud of our reputation for providing academic excellence and the children who attend The Royal Grammar School Guildford Qatar will be part of a family of schools delivering a British education of the highest quality’.

The RGS is considered one of the finest education establishments in the UK and our results speak for themselves. Our examination results consistently appear in the top percentage of the British school league tables and students who attend one of our schools will receive an education to prepare them for entry into exceptional worldwide learning institutions. At the RGS Guildford, over 25% of students continue their studies at Oxford and Cambridge, whilst 95% of all our graduates go on to study at Russell Group universities such as Bath, Exeter, Durham and Bristol.

Students who study at The RGS Qatar will be thoroughly prepared to enter any of the finest worldwide education institutions.

Whilst our examination results are important to us, we also pride ourselves on providing an outstanding, relevant education, based upon traditional values of decency, respect and good manners, supported by very strong pastoral care and a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities.