Pastoral Care

At The RGS Qatar we are firmly committed to developing the whole child. RGS Qatar pupils are encouraged to develop good social skills and to have respect for others. They are taught good manners and the difference between right and wrong.

In line with our school values and the development of our pupils’ learning habits, our youngest children are also taught how to learn by being encouraged to explore and think for themselves.

We provide a supportive pastoral environment which meets individual needs and promotes the development of happy, considerate pupils. Children succeed best when they feel happy, cared for and comfortable in their surroundings and have clear boundaries of expectations.

The pastoral care of all the pupils is coordinated by every class teacher and is overseen by the Head of School and Deputy Head. Pastoral care is the cornerstone of the RGS. Our philosophy is clear – a happy child that feels safe, cared for and valued will learn and thrive . . . and that is what we do here at The RGS Qatar.

House System

The House system is at the very heart of school life at the RGS and the pupils derive great pride and enjoyment from their sense of identity through their involvement with their House.

Each pupil is assigned to one of the six Houses on entry to the School and each House has its own distinctive character and colour and is led by members of  the teaching staff, who are also allocated a House to support. Parents and families are encouraged to wear their child’s House colour and support their child at our main House events.

Through the ‘House’ system our pupils belong to smaller groups within the whole school community and participate in numerous competitions which include competitive sport and music activities. Pupils proudly wear their House T-Shirts for regular House events and assemblies and can earn House Credits for good work and behaviour.  Inter–house competitions provide opportunities for friendly rivalry and help to bolster team spirit and House identity.



There are six Houses in the School –Beckingham (red), Austen (yellow), Nettles (green), Powell (purple), Valpy (orange) and Hamonde (blue) – named after six prominent men who have played a significant role in the history of our school and have been important benefactors.



    “Recognition and Awards encourage positive outcomes both academically and socially.”

    -Pupil Welfare Coordinator-

    Every Thursday our school community comes together for the weekly ‘Achievement Assembly’ which recognises and rewards pupils who have worked exceptionally hard during the week. Pupils who have demonstrated one or more of our sixteen RGS ‘Learning Habits’ through achievement, progress, kindness, good manners or excellent all-round behavior, are presented with a ‘Superstar’ certificate.

    Good manners are expected at all times in school and pupils who demonstrate excellent table manners and healthy eating habits throughout the week are invited to join the Head of School for lunch on the weekly ‘Top Table’.

    Trophies are also presented to the ‘Class of the Week” for attendance and on time arrival and all awards are presented to rapturous applause.