The first few years of your child’s education are essential for their future as he or she moves into more formal schooling and then adult life beyond. It is vital, therefore, to get those first few years right.

Our Pre-Prep Department cares and educates your children from the age of three to five. It consists of Nursery and Reception classes in a series of bright, colourful, self- contained classrooms centred around a large library. Each classroom is fully equipped with quality learning materials; and enjoys its own tree-lined, secure and shaded playground with superb outdoor play equipment. Teaching Assistants support the class teachers and the ratio in our Pre-Prep is never more than 1:10.

Both our Nursery and Reception classes follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS), which is based upon the seven areas of Learning and Development and includes communication and language, personal, social, emotional and physical development. Almost all of our activities are based on structured play and exploring, which allow the children to develop their essential skills in areas of literacy, mathematics and expressive arts. Whilst Music, PE and Languages are taught by specialist subject teachers in dedicated classrooms.

We believe that children learn through experiences and that it is our job to provide them with those learning opportunities every day they come to school. At The RGS Qatar we record those special moments of your child in our online 2buildaprofile Learning Journal, which allows us to capture and share your children’s progress with you, as well as monitor their development and learning. Videos, photos and samples of your child’s work will be regularly uploaded for you to view. You can also add your own observations which help your child’s teacher to personalise your child’s education and create a lasting memento of their early learning experiences.