School Fees

RGS Qatar School Fees

Term Fees (Regular)

Year Group Annual Term Fee Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Early Years (KG1 – Year 6) QAR 46,200 QAR 15,400 QAR 15,400 QAR 15,400
Year 7 to Year 10 QAR 51,975 QAR 17,325 QAR 17,325 QAR 17,325
Year 11 to Year 12 QAR 60,000 QAR 20,000 QAR 20,000 QAR 20,000

Term Fees (Net of 10% Siblings Discount)

Year Group Annual Term Fee Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Early Years (KG1 To Year 6) QAR 41,580 QAR 13,860 QAR 13,860 QAR 13,860
Year 7 to Year 10 QAR 46,778 QAR 15,593 QAR 15,593 QAR 15,593
Year 11 to Year 12 QAR 54,000 QAR 18,000 QAR 18,000 QAR 18,000

Other Fees

Description of Fees Amount Type of Payment
Assessment Fee from KG1 to KG2 FREE As per Ministry of Education’s directive
Assessment Fee from Year 1 – Year 12 500 Non-Refundable
Registration Fee 2,500 Non-Refundable
Reservation Fee 2,500 To be deducted against next academic year’s Term 1 invoice
ECA Fees c/o Published Fees of ECA
Book Fee Not Applicable
Bus Fee To be determined based on the route and frequency of trips applicable during the term

RGS Qatar is listed in the educational voucher system of the government. Qatari students are entitled to a financial grant of QAR 28,000 per year subject to the submission of standard documents as set by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Please note that the value of the educational voucher is not sufficient to cover the annual term fee. The difference in value between the annual term fee and the approved educational voucher is to be borne by the student.